TreZix is committed to making the Import/Export processes so both and easy to handle, our customers wonder how they managed without it till now. We are a leading SaaS platform working closely with companies to ensure we deliver a world class solution that they find productive from day one!

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Why TreZix?

We have an array of amazing features addressing key processes


On TreZix, Customers will get complete shipment visibility across the process including container tracking. Alerts and Notifications of any deviation will allow customers to handle exceptions.


TreZix helps customers to be compliant across all the regulatory compliances related to Customs(Incentive Schemes, Duty Drawback), DGFT (License, IECvalidation / updates), RBI (IDPMS, EDPMS).

Predictions & Tracking

AI engine of TreZix helps calculate Landed costs, Duty calculations, License utilisation, Shipment planning etc


Trezix helps customers have complete control on data and documentation related to shipments, control user-based access across internal and external stakeholders. Bring in efficiencies across the Import-Export process.

Containers of Satisfaction

We treat our customers like containers that we fill with satisfaction and happiness with our platform and service.

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We also ensure that we close the loop with all the key players that help us to deliver a comprehensive experience to our customers.

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