Support Policy

First Line Support :

  • Client user team basis the FAQ’s given by TreZix, be able to respond, diagnose and resolve the problems or issues of the supported software.
  • If, after making reasonable efforts, client is unable to diagnose or resolve problems or issues for the supported software, Client may contact TreZix for “Second Line Support”.
  • Client shall make reasonable efforts to provide TreZix the necessary access (e.g., access to software, repository files, log files, or database extracts) required for Second Line Support.

Second Line Support :

  • A diagnosis of problems or issues of  the supported software and
  • Reasonable efforts to resolve reported and verifiable errors in supported software so that such supported software perform in all material respects
  • TreZix may review service requests logged by Client technical contacts and may recommend specific organization and process changes to assist the client with the above recommended standard practices.
  • So as to remove any doubt, Second Line Support will be provided by TreZix or its licensed partners, whether remotely or on-site.

Software Updates

  • Platform releases in the support phase of TreZix support lifecycle will receive software updates.
  • Software updates consists of:
    • Program updates, fixes, security alerts and critical patch updates
    • Major product and technology releases, if and when made available at TreZix’s discretion, which may include general maintenance releases, selected functionality releases and documentation updates
  • Assistance with service requests 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

Run-time Severity Level definitions

  • Severity Level 1 / Production Level 1: System Down – all critical client business functions are unavailable.
  • Production Level 2: Client Impacted – some critical client business functions are unavailable.
  • Production Level 3: Client Impacted – Business Can Continue – some non-critical client business functions are unavailable
Severity Levels Response Time Remote Restoration Time Resolution Time
Severity Level 1 2 Hours 8 Hours 5 Business days
Severity Level 2 4 Hours 16 Hours 5 Business days
Severity Level 3 8 Hours 32 Hours 10 Business days.